Whether you’re thinking of serving overseas for two weeks or three years, we have opportunities for you to explore. Whatever the length or type of opportunity that intrigues you, we are committed to making your time overseas transformational as you spread God’s Good News to the ends of the earth.

Short-term Mission trips

Navigators short-term mission trips can make a long-term impact--on others and on you--as you support established ministries around the world. Experience amazing people and places beyond your borders as you discover and share the gospel of Jesus interculturally

Mid- and Long-term Opportunities

Long-term Navigators overseas do more than simply adjust to cross-cultural living—they learn to serve the people of their adopted countries as they represent Jesus and his Kingdom. Immerse yourself in the unique ways God is blessing other nations while your team shares the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whole-life Discipleship

Discipling for Development works with people in poverty to help them and their communities become all that God intends them to be. Instead of doing things for the poor, work with them, empowering them to solve their community’s problems all while experiencing the transforming power of the Good News.

Business As Missions

Navigators around the world engage daily in missional enterprises with a triple bottom line: financial sustainability, positive social impact, and spiritual transformation. Join them and use your passion and professional expertise to support them or bring your own entrepreneurial ideas to life.


Navigators iEDGE teams of recent college graduates invest two years in international ministry training experience on university campuses overseas. Serve and grow alongside long-term Navigator leaders as you expand Jesus’ Kingdom by engaging with university students in Life-to-Life discipleship.

International Students

Navigators International Student Ministry engages with students from 70+ different nations in dozens of different campuses across the US. Disciple these students and equip them to reach millions with the Good News through their family and relational networks when they return to their home countries.

Nations Within

Nations Within engages people within the United States who have a primary cultural and national identity distinct from the majority culture. Partner in building a cultural mosaic of people within the US who know Christ and can help the gospel move through their families and friends across the world.