Our Home Team

Our Home Team helps to support our people in the field by developing and shepherding them as whole persons. We also mobilize others to join our teams overseas. Our Home Team members work in the U.S., but their hearts and minds—and in many cases their travels—take them overseas.

Your partners in advancing the gospel


Mobilization is about getting the right people to the right places at the right time. We consider it a privilege to help nurture the call of God on people’s lives and be used by God to help them live and disciple among the nations.

Staff Care

We don’t just send people overseas—we sustain them. We want our overseas staff to do more than survive. We want them to thrive in their cross-cultural environments. Our staff care team is committed to biblical shepherding of our overseas workers.


Doing the behind-the-scenes work of budgets, finances, and office management, the people in operations have been cross-cultural workers themselves. They’re committed to the nations and understand what it’s like to work overseas, so they can better meet the administrative needs of our people in the field.

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