What is the BAM Catalyst Workshop?

The Business as Mission (BAM) Workshop offers fast-paced, practical help for you to personally identify your strengths, weaknesses, and overall readiness for the adventure of missional enterprise. This will not be a weekend spent convincing you of the Biblical basis for business as mission (BAM). Instead,  you will experience what it is like to launch a business overseas and learn if you have what it takes to be successful.

Why Go?

  • Discover the realities facing missional entrepreneurs as you interact with practitioners from the field.
  • Receive individual professional coaching for your own development.
  • Create practical next steps and learn the best business-as-mission practices we are discovering from around the world.
  • Engage and dream with others at a similar place in life.
  • Continue the process of living out your dreams.

This workshop is for you if you are….

  • Seriously thinking about opening your own business either overseas or in a US intercultural context-you need this now!
  • A college junior or senior with an eye toward exploring missional enterprise- we want to invest in you!
  • Passionate for the nations and realize that non-traditional missions is necessary for the future of global missions- you belong here!

Interesting in joining staff?

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