Study Abroad

Connect with Navigator ministries as you study abroad, meet new people, and earn college credit.

Are you studying abroad? Are you considering taking a semester to study overseas?

Have you thought about how to continue to deepen and grow your faith while living and studying in a foreign culture?

We believe that opportunities like this provide a chance to see God in a new light, as well as the chance for you to act as a Kingdom Ambassador overseas. As you are studying and earning college credit, we want to come alongside you and help you in your spiritual journey.

"This study abroad opportunity allows U.S. students to have a taste of a cross-cultural ministry in a real context. We’re deeply committed to shepherding and mentoring any students who come join us; they will not be left to function on their own. We walk with them through the semester and help them process their experiences and the new culture."

~ Navigator missionary serving in Eastern Europe

Wherever you find yourself studying abroad, The Navigators wants to help you grow and flourish. We want to help you:

  • Thrive in your walk with God.
  • Thrive in your studies
  • Thrive in a cross-cultural environment
  • Be the light of Christ right where you are

Additionally, if you are looking into participating in a study abroad program, The Navigators has ministries and staff all around the world. Reach out to us, and let’s see if one of our locations would work as an option for you to consider.

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