"Educational Development for the Under-resourced"

EDU is one of the pathways to missions that are part of The Navigator’s World Mission strategy to live out the gospel of God’s kingdom next door to everywhere.

Many of us living in the West take for granted the availability of affordable, quality education.  However, in many places in the world, such education is only for the most privileged. One way we can contribute to the development of nations and live out the gospel is to help develop indigenous educational options that have excellent teachers, materials, facilities, and on-going development at an affordable price for those in poverty and in the emerging middle class.

EDU’s goal is to assist areas worldwide that are under-resourced and have a variety of educational needs. We do this in a number of ways: helping to develop new schools and educational enrichment opportunities, providing teacher training and development, designing curriculum, and gathering and collecting useful materials.  Our long-term vision is to place educators on established Navigator teams who live authentically in their city and culture. We believe that both professional development and spiritual care are vital for individuals seeking to live and work abroad among the lost, and we are committed to that vision.

If you are passionate about teaching, are a pre-service teacher, a young teacher, or a retired teacher looking for a way to impact the Kingdom, we have some great service options. Whether your interest is Pre-Kindergarten, K-12, or adult learning, EDU has many possible opportunities in a number of countries.


Short-term Opportunities

Most short-term opportunities are in the summer, but some are over the winter academic break.  We can also schedule individual short-term trips for those who are able to provide specific expertise in training and coaching.

Mid-term Opportunities

Most of the locations above and including the Middle East have opportunities for service. These opportunities for 6 months to 2 years involve joining The Navigators as staff and raising some level of support.

There are three models of funding that apply to EDU-identified Navigator staff:

Longer-Term Opportunities

Longer-term opportunities (more than 2 years) are planned as a specific fit between the needs of the local Navigator team, the educational initiative and the skill set of the candidate.  All of the areas listed as short-term opportunities are also potential for longer terms.  There are other, more pioneering types of teams that are available for those desiring longer-term involvement.

The funding model described under mid-term applies to longer-term opportunities as well.

Other Opportunities

Research-oriented opportunities

Study Abroad

To find out more about opportunities or if you have any questions regarding opportunities please contact us at

Events and training: 

Throughout the year we offer different events to help you discover if educational missions is where God is calling you.

Exposure is an event that helps you discover more about who The Navigators are and learn about the different Navigator pathways including the EDU Pathway. Check out the exposure event page to find out where and when the next one will be.

Introduction to Missional Education

Join us to learn more about what we do and our unique ministry opportunities. The next event is April 26th-27th in Chicago, IL. To sign up please contact us: