Thank you for being a part of making disciples around the world!

Short Term Scholarships

Each summer over 100 students invest their time in missions—going to countries around the globe to help take the Kingdom of God to the nations. Short-term mission scholarships allow us to offer committed young disciples a way to contribute to our long-term missions efforts in that field, grow in their hearts for missions, and visualize more clearly how they could serve overseas for a longer term.

We advertise these short-term mission trip opportunities well in advance; but without help with funding some students can hardly consider a trip. Equip new generations to live out Jesus among the nations.

Overseas Care

Each region of the world has a team of Navigators World Missions shepherds–veterans of overseas work who serve and care for our overseas workers. Many of these field workers live in anti-Christian contexts and face the daily pressures of cross-cultural ministry. Their regional shepherds travel to see them face-to-face, share meals at their tables, visit the markets where they shop, and walk with them and their kids to school.

Regional shepherds raise a portion of their travel budgets, but with our team of shepherds flying to fifty countries around the world, costs are high. Help us alleviate the cost of caring for overseas workers.

Family Gathering

The Navigators World Missions Family Gathering provides rest and renewal for our people on the front lines. Their weeklong visit to Colorado gives them a break from the concerns and ministry of overseas life. The Family Gathering also allows us to celebrate and honor them in person for their work.

To allow as many as possible to come, Navigators World Missions subsidizes half of the expenses for the retreat. Partner with us to show our overseas laborers that they’re our heroes.