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Young Professionals Ministry Leader in Uruguay

Ministry Leader

3-5 years
Fundraised position

Job Description

Uraguay is an interesting place to advance the Gospel because it is the country in the world with the longest history of "secularism." The cultural effects of this secularism include extremely high rates of suicide, depression, divorce, drug abuse, and economic decay. We are attempting to be a blessing and introduce the Gospel in a way that improves the economy, the social structures, relationships, and the personal well-being of individuals. The Ministry Developer will find work according to their gifting and strengths to add value to the local context and community i.e. English teacher, residency life director, life coach, counselor, back-end programmer, administrative assistant, copywriter, finance specialist, etc. They will be responsible for launching small group investigative Bible studies, sharing their lives with the people God brings into their life, and work with the pioneering team to build relationships with students and young professionals.


Age: 20-39

Navigators Experience Level: Mid-Low

Professional Skills: No visa is necessary for a short-term role under 2 years. If in the country longer, it is "easy" to get a permanent residency.

Language Learning: Optional

Opportunity ID: 602

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