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Wholistic Ministry Pioneer in Africa

Ministry Pioneer

Sensitive Location
3-5 years
Fundraised position

Job Description

Join a small team in pioneering a whole life discipleship ministry in a rural setting. The opportunity is to be salt and light while living among an unreached, Muslim people group, helpin ghtem see how to enter the Kingdom of God. After learning the language, culture, and world view of the people, you will build relationships that allow you to journey with these new friends towards transformation at a personal and, ultimately, community level. Live out the Gospel among them and learn to communicate it in a way that they understand in their oral society, Muslim background, rural, and poor context. The ultimate vision is to see all areas of their lives come under the Lordship of Jesus and see them empowered to live through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Age: 20-50+

Navigators Experience Level: Low

Professional Skills: Identity as a missionary is ok- specifically a "follower of Jesus." Health, agriculture, engineering, appropriate technology and theology skills preferred.

Language Learning: Required

Opportunity ID: 104

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