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Professional Educator in Asia

Professional Educator

Sensitive Location
1-3 years
Fundraised position

Job Description

The TESOL Professional Internship is based in Colorado Springs for Year 1. Year 2 can be served in one of two locations in Southeast Asia. English teachers with this strategic partner of The Navigators are highly sought after by universities and other institutions in both countries. They will make a significant contribution to the development work in both countries. This two-year professional internship will teach participants to integrate their professional and personal lives in a manner that benefits themselves and others. Year 1 includes cross-cultural and language acquisition training, TESOL certification, English tutoring with immigrant populations in the U.S., and a teaching practicum in Southeast Asia. Year 2 will include teaching and training English in Southeast Asia.


Age: 20-29

Navigators Experience Level: Low

Professional Skills: Training for certification as English teachers occurs in Year 1 if the candidate is not already certified.

Language Learning: Required

Opportunity ID: 513

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