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Ministry Through a Medical Clinic

Medical Missions Team Member

Sensitive Location
1-3 years
Fundraised position

Job Description

This opportunity is in a small village clinic near the capital city of a Central Asian country. We need primary care doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, OT, PT, nurses and other allied health professionals to help with this church-planting outreach. As a ministry in a focus people country, we rely on high-quality, visible service to the community. Work regularly at the village clinic and its projects, participate in team meetings, or be a guest in a local villagers' home. Participate in other outreach activities such as home visits, seminars, and public health events.


Age: 20-50+

Navigators Experience Level: Low

Professional Skills: Appropriate medical licensure and diplomas are required. We prefer people with professional experience practicing in their field but students may apply.

Language Learning: Required

Opportunity ID: 408

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