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Middle East Ministry Pioneer


Middle East - North Africa
3-5 years
Paid position

Job Description

Need young men and women or young couples to join existing team. Mostly needed are people seeking professional jobs like Educators, Engineers, Doctors, Health Professionals etc. or professors in University setting. Join us reaching both the local population and thriving expat population in this strategic Middle Eastern country! The local population in this country is moderately difficult to engage relationally, and respond well to people who value them. Arab expatriates living and working here are more readily available for relationships than they would be in their home countries, and will return to their home countries where they can then influence within their relational networks.


Age: 20-50+

Navigators Experience Level: Mid-Low

Professional Skills: Educators, Engineers, Doctors, Health Professionals, or university professors

Language Learning: Required

Opportunity ID: 207

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