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Campus Ministry Leader in The Philippines

Campus Ministry Leader

3-5 years
Fundraised position

Job Description

Nearly all of the Philippines Navigator staff were once involved in collegiate ministries. The opportunity to disciple university students and alumni is crucial to the development of laborers who will make more disciples both in the country and as cross-cultural laborers. Workers in campus ministry do the 3 E's: evangelism, establishing, and equipping. Equipping students may come in their senior year or even after graduation. Workers do one-on-one discipleship to produce a new generation of leaders. Usually, some alumni decide to work on the same campus for involvement or further training and life coaching.


Age: 20-50+

Navigators Experience Level: Mid-Low

Professional Skills: Missionary visa available or option to come as university professors on a voluntary basis.

Language Learning: Required

Opportunity ID: 507

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