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Liberia Ministry Pioneer and Community Development

Ministry Pioneer

3-5 years
Fundraised position

Job Description

Come help an established couple pioneer ministries in Liberia. Many problems and needs have developed in the country since the Ebola crisis and a 14-year war. Laborers for the gospel are needed to help pioneer a student ministry, invest in single mothers in the community, or to bring businesses that create jobs. The Liberian ministry is looking for singles and young couples who do not mind living in a challenging place. They need skills in evangelism and must be willing to serve in full time ministry or in the context of a job or business. Those with a heart for the poor and a desire to bring wholistic economic development would be an added blessing.


Age: 20-39

Navigators Experience Level: Mid-Low

Professional Skills: Entrepreneurial, medical, or other professional skills appreciated.

Language Learning: none

Opportunity ID: 105

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