COVID-19 Info

Short-Term Trips
during the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is no surprise that COVID-19 has affected short-term missions across the globe. In early 2020, many churches and organizations canceled overseas trips due to the pandemic. Since then, many countries have seen waves of the virus and created their own procedures and responses. As the virus has come under control in some parts of the world, countries are reopening their borders and as countries reopen, the short-term missions program of The Navigators is acting in faith, trusting God to send us to select countries.

In preparation for the 2022 short-term trips season, we are monitoring the security of each location, including COVID activity. Here are some determining factors related to COVID: 

  • Prayer and Petition – Navigators World Missions leadership and our overseas partners will seek God’s guidance for peace before sending our teams. 

  • Entry Requirements – Navigators World Missions will monitor entry requirements to identify what visas are necessary, if COVID tests are required, and if a quarantine is necessary.

  • Current Infrastructure – Navigators World Mission will work with our in-country contacts to evaluate each location’s ability to medically respond to COVID. In addition, all members of our trips are required to have travel insurance provided by the Navigators. 
  • Organizational Approval – Each location will require the approval of Navigator international leadership, U.S. leadership, and leadership from our headquarters.

Navigators World Missions will provide additional training and guidance in preparation and response for traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our training will include written procedures for in-country contacts, team leaders, and team members. Additionally, The Navigators will actively monitor each location prior to departure, completing a regular review of each location in lead up to departure.

Should Navigators World Missions cancel a trip after fundraising begins, funds will be held for two years and can be used by the participant to take part in future short-term trips, summer training programs, EDGE, iEDGE, or other programs of The Navigators. After two years, funds will be used by The Navigators to support the efforts of our short-term program. In all instances, funds raised by the participant will remain with The Navigators in alignment with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and the Internal Revenue Service.

As we enter this unique season of sending short-term trips overseas, we covet your prayers and support. As the Short-Term program of Navigators World Missions, we seek to advance the Kingdom of Christ through partnerships in communities and ministries around the globe. We crave to continue this ministry even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.