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Uruguay is an interesting place to advance the Gospel because it is the country in the world with the longest history of “secularism.” The cultural effects of this secularism include extremely high rates of suicide, depression, divorce, drug abuse, and economic decay. We are attempting to be a blessing and introduce the Gospel in a way that improves the economy, the social structures, relationships, and the personal well-being of individuals. The Entrepreneurial Implementer (EI) will work with the pioneering team in the current business startup initiatives seeking to gain success along a triple bottom line. They will help execute the business strategies and help find unique opportunities for success. The EI will also help to network and build relationships with young professionals. They will be responsible for initiating small group investigative Bible studies whenever possible, sharing their lives with the people God brings to them, and adding value to the growing community according to their gifting and strengths.




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​No visa is necessary for a short-term role under 2 years. If in the country longer, it is “easy” to get a permanent residency. Entrepreneurial and business skills needed.

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uy, Uruguay

​3-5 years

Fundraising Required? yes