Dominican Republic Regional Leadership

Job Description

The Caribbean Director of Operations role is part of a multi-cultural and multi-national effort for the sake of the Gospel. As The Navigator work in the Caribbean is pioneered, the Operations Director has a vital role in playing the right-hand to the Caribbean Director. The Caribbean Director of Operations will be responsible for providing leadership for projects, overseeing the financial processes, overseeing the smooth execution of office functions and all details associated with events, providing vision and leadership toward an appropraite and proactive use of technology, and serve as amember and the secretary of the Caribbean Leadership Team. This role will also assist the Caribbean Director in building relationships with different leaders in The Navigators WWP.




Navigators Experience Level:

Nav Rep

Professional Skills:

​Broad set of skills, including organization in the midst of ambiguity, relational skills, operational skills, ability to cast vision, and servant’s heart.

Language Learning:


Opportunity ID: 704

senlo, Sensitive Location

​5-10 years

Fundraising Required? yes