Disciple among the Unreached as a Professional

Job Description

We are looking for laborers committed to knowing God and advancing the Gospel of His Kingdom to the first spiritual generation of laborers in this country. We are looking for someone who will seek to: invest deeply in relationships with nationals and people of permanence in the country; live by Kingdom principles and sow them liberally in a variety of new and existing relationships; share the truth of the Gospel appropriately and relevantly; intercede (in view of the promises of God) daily with joyful expectancy that God will create something out of nothing. Candidates must be able to find a suitable job. Potential career opportunities include teaching (primary, secondary, or university level), engineering (specifically oil and gas), and others.




Navigators Experience Level:


Professional Skills:

​Educators, Engineers, Doctors, Health Professionals, or University Professors

Language Learning:


Opportunity ID: 208

senlo, Sensitive Location

​5-10 years

Fundraising Required? yes