Campus Ministry Pioneer in Mozambique

Job Description

Seeking two couples and one or two singles aged 20-40 years old, to join a pioneering couple in the capital city of Maputo. This pioneering ministry, led by Africans, is focused on evangelism and discipleship in a context that is primarily the poor and marginalized. Navigator experience in these areas and a willingness to engage university students, who are part of the ministry, on effective ways to reach their communities are important. The work is conducted in Portuguese, so new team members should already know the language or be willing to study it. There are no restrictions to obtaining a religious visa.




Navigators Experience Level:


Professional Skills:

​Most professional skills are needed in Mozambique, but the easiest way to obtain access is through a religious visa.

Language Learning:

​Proficiency in portuguese needed or spend a minimum of one year learning the language.

Opportunity ID: 107

mz, Mozambique

​3-5 years

Fundraising Required? yes