Student Ministry Pioneer in Croatia

Job Description

A vibrant and winsome young couple (or team), preferably with campus ministry experience in a highly secularized environment, to invest in students and young professionals (some are the children of fruit from The Navigator ministry of a generation ago) who have a passion to reach out to other students but no one to train or lead them. This staff couple also would receive, coordinate, and connect the teams (summer for now but could expand) from the northeast USA who come to co-labor with Croatian laborers to minister to the Croatian Roma population. Learning Croatian is essential. Another way to fill this critical need is for a seasoned couple to move in 2019 for the purposes of conserving the fruit of past work, beginning to work in the student ministry while recruiting the young couple (or team).




Navigators Experience Level:


Professional Skills:


Language Learning:


Opportunity ID: 301

hr, Croatia

​5-10 years

Fundraising Required? yes