Campus Ministry in East Asia

Job Description

The current collegiate work in East Asia has been fruitful, and we envision future national leadership coming out of this ministry. Basic field responsibilities include attending mandatory conferences, designed to equip for effective ministry and give a sense of co-laboring with others on the team. Adapting to life and friendship patterns of the nationals. Continuing to be a life-long learner of the language and culture. Evangelizing, discipling, establishing, and equipping nationals into generational laborers in the community framework. After language acquisition, workers must be able to hit the ground running on evangelism, discipling, and equipping.




Navigators Experience Level:


Professional Skills:

​Must be able to live, minister, and thrive in a bi-vocational environment. Having a TESOL certificate with experience in teaching is ideal. Most colleges will not hire an English teacher without a TESOL certificate and experience.

Language Learning:


Opportunity ID: 501

senlo, Sensitive Location

​3-5 years

Fundraising Required? yes