Campus Ministry in Botswana

Job Description

Although over 70% of the Botswana population is Christian by name, widespread immorality and a breakdown in the traditional family structure plague the country. There is great opportunity for nationals to take ownership of the Gospel and experience the Kingdom of Jesus. God has also drawn many nations to Botswana, creating a further need to reach people with the Good News. Assist in developing strategies for long-term laborers in Botswana. We need those who can help with the campus ministry and provide leadership full time. Help coordinate the Navigator work to expand beyond the capital and into other parts of the country.




Navigators Experience Level:


Professional Skills:

​Experience discipling others in a ministry of the Navigators and 1-2 years of staff experience and training required. Missionary visas into the country are difficult to obtain, so qualifications in other professions would be helpful.

Language Learning:


Opportunity ID: 108

bw, Botswana

​3-5 years

Fundraising Required? yes