Campus Ministry Developer in Germany

Job Description

Student ministries have always been a strong motor of gospel movement and Navigator influence in our country. However, over the last twenty years most of our campus groups have been shrinking or disappeared completely. We currently have a Navigator presence at five universities mainly in the northwest of Germany supported by a total of six staff, most of them part time. We need laborers to rebuild the ruins and strengthen our existing team all over Germany. Young couples and singles (30-45 years old) to work in different locations across Germany. These could join existing teams in Muenster, Aachen, Bonn, and Bremen with the possibility of taking over campus leadership in the future. Additional team members are needed to join the new pioneering work in Dresden to work in a highly secularized, post-socialist environment. Learning German is a requirement for these opportunities.




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Opportunity ID: 305

de, Germany

​5-10 years

Fundraising Required? yes