Business Team Member in Eurasia

Job Description

Come work with veteran Nav staff to advance the Gospel as an aroma for Christ where the need is great. This is a creative access opportunity to work cloesly with and train locals in a natural setting at a freight forwarding company in Central Asia employed with both believing and nonbelieving staff. The goal is to provide resources for employees to meet their needs so the company itself can be a greater blessing. This includes discipling believing employees so they are equipped to share the Gospel in their own context and building relationships with and reaching out to nonbelieving employees. Manage human resources and provide office assistance to pull together people in the office, think strategicially for employee career advancement for the good of the company, and help improve employee retention and satisfaction.




Navigators Experience Level:


Professional Skills:

​Visa entry will be provided through the company. Must have experience working in a company on a professional level for at least 2 years to have real examples of what worked and what didn’t. This role could evolve depending on the skills the person has and how they fit with the company.

Language Learning:


Opportunity ID: 407

senlo, Sensitive Location

​1-3 years

Fundraising Required? yes