Study Abroad

Connect with Navigator ministries as you study abroad, meet new people, and earn college credit.

So you’re thinking about a study abroad semester? Would it be tough to bring Jesus along with you overseas? Would even a committed believer wither away without fellowship? Or instead, will you see that God can use your study abroad to actually help grow His Kingdom? Experienced Navigators at your study abroad university, either missionaries or local people, could guide you in how discipleship looks in your adopted school home, empowering you to live and disciple on your campus.

"Walk with God, be a good student, engage in campus life, and allow Christ to shine through you.” ​

By linking with Navigators abroad, you can engage with a person who could connect with you and remain connected to help you:

  • Walk with God
  • Make the most of your studies
  • Engage in campus life
  • Allow Christ to shine through you internationally

Nationals often seek out American students to be friends. Similar to a short-term missions trip, your presence can be a bridge that connects students with Christians living and discipling among the lost. Add that to earning college credit and your overseas experience becomes that much richer.

Connect with us, and we can inform you of Navigators as you start to plan for studying abroad. 

We can tell you which campuses overseas could provide credit* toward college programs and Navigator connections for bringing Jesus’ Kingdom with you—see the partial list below (with some universities in sensitive locations not shown here).

We know that you don’t want to go overseas and come back with only pictures to post. Instead, return with relationships that will last into eternity. 

These places feature Navigators who could connect with you:

  • Asia/Pacific: Melbourne University (Ivy League level), in Melbourne,
  • Asia/Pacific:  Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia
  • Caribbean: University of Santo Domingo, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Eurasia: Please contact us individually.
  • Europe: American University of Bulgaria, in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
  • Latin America: Universidad Nacional de La Plata, in La Plata, Argentina
  • Latin America: Monterrey Tech University, in Monterrey, Mexico
  • North America (Canada): Carleton University, in Ottawa, Ontario
  • North America (Canada): University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, BC
  • North America (Canada): University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta

For individualized information, especially on sensitive locations, please write us.

* Check with your campus to see if these overseas locations will provide you with credit at your college.