Short-Term Missions Trip to Japan – Tokyo: Campus Ministry

“Come and spend your Summer in Japan!

We have designed the content of this overseas summer program around one theme: Followers of Jesus living and discipling among the lost. During this summer you will be stretched by extensive Bible study, one on one mentoring and various training workshops to help you learn the attitudes and skills needed for a life of fruitful outreach. Our community of over 50 non-Christian students is a safe place where you can put into practice what you are learning.

You will serve alongside the collegiate team in Tokyo, the heart of Japan. In BESTClub (our version of The Navigators in Japan) you will become a part of our student community where we read the Bible, practice English, play sports and travel together. We focus on creating servant leaders, leading individuals on a journey of growth, and creating a loving community. You will travel with students and develop deep relationships with them through the fun you will have, learning just as much about God’s love from them as they will learn from you.

The team in Tokyo is fairly large and has many resources to train and equip cross-cultural laborers. Joining us would give you many opportunities to lead and learn alongside the team here. This summer will consist of experiences that challenge your paradigm and re-think how you view yourself and God’s mission to the world. The team here is on the forefront of missions work and we love trying new things, continually innovating without fear of failure, in the pursuit of making God known among the Japanese.

In Japan, less than 1% believe in Jesus Christ. Most people have never had the opportunity to read the Bible. This is hard work and not for those who want an easy summer. But those who join us will come away with many deep, meaningful relationships with those who don’t know Jesus, life changing experiences, and a heart more aligned with God’s gospel to the nations. Come alongside us this Summer and join in on what God has for you and for the world.

A normal week will include:

  • 5 hours of bible study (4 hours prep / 1.5 hours discussion)
  • 1 hour of one of one mentoring session
  • 20 hours engaging with Japanese non-believing students
  • 4 hours XTAWG (Extended Time alone with God)
  • 2 hours Team building time

If you have questions feel free to directly contact the director: Carl Fast

Trip Dates

June 15 to August 10, 2020

Team Size:


Trip Cost:


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