Short Term Missions Trip to Africa: Teaching Abroad

Invest part of your summer working with high school students and teachers as well as providing academic support for elementary schools. You will have an opportunity to practice your educational skills and partner alongside seasoned staff who will guide and help you navigate life in a different culture.

If you are a teacher, have a degree or experience in the educational field or are a current student in an education related field (Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary content areas, Counseling, TESOL), then this trip may be just for you.

In addition to teachers we are also seeking specialists to come for the full trip or a shorter time to consult specific needs such as curriculum development, principal’s training or working with special needs students. You will work in a team of 2-5 with a specific teaching assignment and will have the option to serve in either one or multiple locations.

God will stretch your faith and grow your character this summer as you and your team face different challenges. A busy schedule, new relationships, cultural stress, language barriers and working in a team are some of the ways God will expose your need for community, help with brokenness, and deeper dependence on Jesus.

Join us this summer and get a glimpse into God’s heart for the nations. You will walk away with a deeper conviction as well as the skills necessary to live an intentional life for the Gospel.

Trip Dates

Location 1: May 10 to June 10, Location 2: June 10 to July 10, 2020

Team Size:


Trip Cost:

Orientation Location:

Fort Wayne, IN (Feb 7-9, 2020)

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