Foundations of D4D Workshop

Foundations of D4D (Discipling for Development) Workshop online

Learn the basics of Discipling for Development (D4D) and our whole-life discipleship approach through our online Foundations of D4D Workshop. We’ll cover:

  • Discipling the whole person
  • Development from a biblical perspective
  • Rural and urban empowerment
  • Adult “learner-centered” teaching
  • Community transformation

The upcoming Foundations of D4D Workshop group meets online during two consecutive Saturday-Sunday weekends.  

Cost:  $75

Registration deadline:  December 1, 2022


Course Requirements


This course requires approximately four hours of the participant’s time for each of the four sessions, along with some reflective exercises. Please make sure you are able to budget the time required before registering.


Participants must have regular access to a PC or equivalent and internet access with enough bandwidth to support a multiple-person Zoom call (prior registration with Zoom required).


You will experience this course using a group learning model. This model works quite well when participants commit to learning interactively with faithful and timely completion of assignments: reading, reflection, and online group participation.


Your facilitator helps you process ideas, themes, and biblical truths related to whole-life discipleship and community development, and to apply new learning to your own situation. Participants “own” the learning process for themselves and engage with that perspective.