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Three ways to help process your overseas mission trip

Posted July 22, 2018 |  culture  fundraising  short term missions

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Through fundraising, plane rides, unique foods, foreign culture, and more, you’ve just experienced something big. Your overseas mission trip might have been brutal, excellent, or maybe both. How do you process all this?

Here are three things to consider:

Time to process

You will likely need some time to process what happened on your trip. Your perspective may change from the first week you got back to a month later. On your first trip to your hometown grocery store you might have been shocked that there were 50 types of cheese, when it was hard to find one slice overseas. After a month, you may not notice. How do you feel about having what you need at your fingertips?

Room to remember

Make sure to give yourself some room to remember, to feel and to think about what God did in you and what God did through you. It may help to connect with a friend you met on your trip, or a close team member.

Thanks to give

Thank God and the people He used to send you overseas. This may have been the most money you ever raised at once. God’s the source, and He used some good people to help you get there. Is it time again to say thanks?